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Warrington Roofing Services

Garage Roof Repairs Warrington
Flat-roofed garages need maintaining to patch cracks and tears in the roofing felt caused by sunlight and strong winds
Loft Hatch & Pull Out Loft Ladder Warrington
Make more use of your loft storage space with an easy access loft hatch with built in ladder
Velux Windows Warrington
Flush fitting loft windows usually don't need planning permission and can illuminate your loft with natural daylight
Flat Roof To Pitched Roof Warrington
Where space and local planning consent permits; many people choose to replace their old flat roofs with a pitched roof
Bitumen Felt Roofs Warrington
Flat felt roofs generally last 10 to 20 years before needing removal and replacing
Loft Conversions Warrington
By making better use of your loft space as a bedroom with ensuite,home office or walk-in storage area you can dramatically increase your living space


Attics - Lofts Warrington

More Living Space Warrington
Room in loft roof trusses and open loft areas are the easiest to convert into accessible rooms while many homes have trussed rafters that need replacing to open up the loft and make living space

Warrington Garages

Garage Extensions Warrington
If your Warrington property has an attached garage then you could build above the garage to create extra bedrooms or a home-office
Garage Roofs Warrington
Flat roofs on detached or semi-detached garages often last over 10 years without maintenance but eventually will need to be repaired or replaced
Change of Use
Planning permission in Warrington may allow your garage to be converted into a kitchen,dining room,bedroom or extra living space if you add extra insulation to the roof and walls to comply with current building regulations


Roof Repairs Warrington

Warrington Roofing Services
Velux Skylights installed
Loft alterations:new hatch,ladder,and storage area Warrington area
dormer window installation
lead flashing repairs and most roof repairs and refurbishments
Warrington Roof Repairs
All kinds of roof repair work undertaken in the Warrington area

Weather & Wind Damage Warrington

Strong Winds
Tiles,Slates and Roofing felt can be damaged by strong winds that move and lift the roofing material; in heavy winds, wind borne debris can also cause impact damage
Roof Maintenance to Reduce The Risk of Wind Damage
Loose or slipped tiles should be re-fitted; ridge tiles should be bedded in fresh mortar if they begin to loosen,while flashings and other perimeter weather proofing elements should be inspected and maintained
Gusting Winds
In the UK, gusting winds can easily reach 50 mph or more; creating a slight vacuum on the outside of the roof; especially a pitched roof:
Lifting Tiles
The partial vacuum lifts tiles and slates away from the roof; loosening nailed tiles and causing stress cracking
Penetrating Rain
Eventually, over several seasons, roof integrity is lost and rain is able to penetrate the building structure

Gutters and Drainpipes Warrington

Drainpipes Warrington
Drainpipes carry the water from roof level down to the ground and feed into a soakaway, drain or rainwater collection system
Replacement Gutters and Drainpipes
Old corroded cast-iron systems and failed PVC systems can be replaced with a low-profile modern guttering system or a traditional system usually in black or white although other colour are available
Gutters Warrington
Gutters form a collection trough for rainwater that runs around the perimeter of the roof where water is likely to be shed from the roof surface
PVC Guttering and Drainpipe Failure
Eventually; frost,snow, ultra violet light and temperature variations caused by sunlight heating up the pipes and gutters will cause the seals to fail and the plastic will become brittle

Roof Stripping Warrington: Reusing your Existing Tiles

Tile Or Slate Condition
Even a badly failing roof often has many of the tiles in reasonably good condition and likely to last 20,30 or 40 years; especially Welsh slate that can remain serviceable for 100 years or more
Flashing, Fixing & Felting Warrington
Roof flashing and other essential fixings can be replaced to create an essentially new roof while maintaining the character of a traditional roof; roofing felt can also be used below the tiles when re-tiling the roof to create a second weather shield
Roof Stripping Warrington
If your roof has sufferred from many years of neglect or general wear and tear then it's possible to save on the cost of a new roof by removing and re-fitting your existing tiles: Only badly weathered or damaged tiles need replacing and these may be available from a local building salvage yard
Ridge Tiles Warrington
Old ridge tiles can be re-seated once the roof has been refurbished or a new set purchased to complete the look



Roof Repairs